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Drew Fuller alias Chris Perry

Dieses Thema im Forum "Drew Fuller - Chris Halliwell" wurde erstellt von Phoebe_w, 12 Juni 2003.

  1. Lucrezia

    Lucrezia New Member

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    25 August 2003
    in a vicious circle
    Dass ich das Thema eröffnet hab, ist schon länger her, mittlerweile ist es klar, dass chris nicht wyatt ist.
    aber wie du schon erwähnt hast, kann er ja noch der sohn von einer der anderen oder pipers 2. sohn sein. tja, wer weiß.

    (du solltest keine doppelposts machen, das wird hier nicht so gerne gesehen. klick auf den editier button, da kannst du dann was ausbessern. ;))
  2. connyx

    connyx New Member

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    9 September 2002
    könnt mir schon gut vorstellen das er wyatt ist...

    leo und er stehen sich oft ziemlich kritisch gegenüber... ich mag die folgen wo die beiden so richtig "vorsichtig" und doch irgendwie ziemlich "aggresiv" miteinander umgehn....und eine sek später aufeinander mehr oder minder aufpassen..
  3. Marnie

    Marnie Guest

    Also ich habe die ersten beiden Folgen der 6. Staffel schon auf Englisch gesehen und ich kann euch versichern, dass Chris nicht Wyatt ist. Es stimmt allerdings, dass Chris aus der Zukunft kommt, doch wer er wirklich ist weiß ich leider auch noch nicht! In der Folge kann man Wyatt auch als Erwachsenen sehen, aber er ist böse geworden und hat so viel macht, dass er die ganze Welt zerstören könnte und das will Chris verhindern, in dem er Wyatt als er noch ein Baby ist tötet, damit er nichts Schlimmes anrichten kann! Ich weiß aber nicht, ob das jetzt schon beweist, dass Chris nicht böse ist, denn in der Folge hatte man manchmal schon den Eindruck.
    Ach ja, Leo musste Piper verlassen, weil er ein Mitglied des Ältesten Rats geworden ist und deshalb nicht mehr mit einer Hexe, wie Piper nun mal eine ist, zusammen sein darf! Er konnte nichts dagegen, denn sonst wäre er natürlich bei piper geblieben.

    Ich hoffe, dass ich euch an bisschen weiterhelfen konnte!


    Ps: Ich kann nur sagen, was ich gesehen und gehört habe, aber wenn etwas davon doch nicht stimmen sollte, bitte nicht böse sein. Naja, eigentlich müsste mein Englisch, nachdem ich es 5 Jahre lang in der Schule lerne, gut genug sein. Naja, wir werden es ja sehen!!!
  4. PiperLoveLeo

    PiperLoveLeo Well-Known Member

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    7 November 2003
    Ich hab da noch eine Frage: Wird man jemals erfahren ob Chris gut oder böse ist, weil er ja gestorben ist????
  5. Pasiphae

    Pasiphae New Member

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    12 Mai 2003
    Transkript vom Live-Chat mit Drew Fuller

    Hallo Leute, ich habe auf der internetseite www.drewfullerfan.com die Mitschrift des Chats gefunden, der gestern ja stattfand Dabei konnten Fans ihre Fragen stellen. Hier ist es:

    Kelly : Welcome to the Drew Fuller Live Chat brought to you by Drew Fuller Fan.com! Drew has most recently starred as mysterious Whitelighter "Chris Perry" on the WB's hit TV show Charmed after a brief stint portraying "Nick Reed" on the WB's short-lived show, Black Sash. Drew Fuller has also starred in a variety of films such as Voodoo Academy, Angels Don't Sleep Here, and Vampire Clan, along with a variety of independent films.

    Kelly : Jayne asks: Have you always wanted to act? If not, what was your childhood dream for the future?

    Drew : 54321

    Drew : When I was a kid, all I ever wanted to do was be the center of attention

    Drew : so . .

    Drew : I would always remember watching a movie and saying, "Oh I want to do that!"

    Drew : not acting but be the person they were actually portraying

    Josie : Hello Drew

    Josie : Josie asks: I want to be an actor when I grow up and be just like you, what advice would you give to me and any other inspiring actors or actresses?

    Drew : it progressed into acting at a very young age

    Drew : have strong self-confidence because people will reject you many times

    Drew : I heard "no" a thousand times before I heard one "yes"

    Kelly : and you're living proof that it works out if you never give up. :)

    Drew : if you have passion about anything, pursue it with all of your heart

    Drew : thanks!

    Kelly : you're welcome! :)

    Kelly : next question

    Kelly : Barb asks: What was the first thing you bought with your first paycheck as an actor?

    Drew : The first thing I bought was a plasma television that hangs on my wall

    Drew : :)

    Kelly : i'm so jealous! :)

    Kelly : next question brought to you by sandra

    Drew : Haha :)

    Drew : hello sandra!

    Sandra : Sandra asks: Who inspired you to go into the acting business. And why?

    Drew : A number of actors and actresses inspired me ranging from Ed Norton, Daniel Day Lewis, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Kate Blanchette

    Kelly : they all have unique qualities and talents. quite a great list of individuals.

    Kelly : next question.

    Kelly : Tori asks: You said in an interview that there are directors you'd love to work with, which ones?

    Drew : David Fincher, Tony Scott, Jim Sheridan, Brian Singer

    Kelly : thanks drew! we'll keep them coming. :)

    Drew : Christopher Nolan

    Drew : Michel Gondry

    Jim : Helie asks: Many of your projects have been the same theme (example: vampires/witchcraft). Do you choose these roles because it's something that interests you?

    Drew : Luc Besson and Daryn Arronofsky

    Drew : sorry this question really excites me

    Drew : Ya - a job!

    Drew : Actually in all seriousness it is just a coincidence

    Drew : overall I am attracted to things that challenge me

    Stephanie : udging by all the work you've done this past year, how do you think your acting has changed from the first time you stepped on the Charmed set until the last day of shooting for the finale?

    Drew : confidence, relaxation - a sense of peacefulness. My acting has improved by leaps and bounds - stringing together consistently more real moments

    Kelly : Robert asks: What aspect of Hollywood, that you've experienced, do you dislike the most?

    Drew : everyone doing anything in their power to get to the top no matter what

    Drew : back-stabbing and lying etc. . .

    Kelly : Agnes asks: Is there any memorable bad experience you've had when filming movies?

    Drew : Yes . .

    Drew : I remember when I was shooting "Close Call" they were so disorganized - everyone was running around like a chicken with their head cut off

    Drew : no trailers, the lounge for the actors was a closed store in the mall with trash on the ground

    Paola : hi drew

    Paola : Paola asks: You are young, goodlooking, sexy and famous. How do you do to keep your feet on the ground? and how important is fame for you?

    Drew : and for craft service they gave us $5 to go to the food court

    Drew : My family and friends ground me especially my mom always reminding me that I am not working

    Drew : how important is fame? - it is icing on the cake. If I do good work, at the end of the day that is the only thing that brings a big smile to my face

    Kelly : an amazing answer drew!

    Kelly : next question.

    Jim : Talya asks: Did you still have a somewhat normal teenage life when you started modeling? Or did it change completely?

    Drew : No nothing really changed because I kept it to myself

    Drew : I didn't go around telling people what I was doing

    Drew : I toned it down because people were mean

    Jim : next

    Jim : Erin asks: Do you ever go back and look at your movies you have done, or TV shows like Charmed and think: "Wow, I was great there!" or "I should have done that a little better?"

    Drew : I have a tendency to avoid going back and looking at old films because I always think I could have done better

    Kelly : you know what they say, everyone is their own worst critic.

    Jim : Next question by Kristina

    Jim : Kristina asks: What's it like to be referred to as "the next BIG thing"? Also, what's it like to have photographers take your picture?

    Drew : Photographers taking my picture is still insane and ridiculous

    Drew : and regards to "the next big thing" I wouldn't even know where to begin in order to answer that question

    Drew : amazing, I guess if in fact it is true

    Kelly : we're all looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. :)

    Kelly : Christy asks: How do you feel about your fan base being so broad? Some are teenagers, and others, like me, are over 30.

    Drew : hello Christy

    Drew : It is amazing. . . I glad I can span to all ages

    Kelly : we're quite a broad fan base, that's for sure!

    Drew : To be able to effect so many people in different stages of life means the world to me

    Drew : thanks

    (Fortsetzung folgt...)
  6. Pasiphae

    Pasiphae New Member

    Registriert seit:
    12 Mai 2003
    Kelly : Amelia asks: How do you get into character before a scene? Was it sometimes hard to switch from Drew to Chris Perry on some days, or did it come naturally because you're so used to the character?

    Drew : At first it was more difficult, but towards the end of the season, it was much easier to flip that light switch on and off

    Drew : and on a side note . . .

    Drew : there was a lot of Drew in Chris

    Tara : Hey Drew...Out of all the movies in the world, what role would you have loved to play?

    Drew : tough question

    Drew : tough question!

    Drew : let me think . . .

    Drew : I wish I had my DVD collection in front of me

    Drew : I guess, off the bat, the role would be someone who goes through a profound experience and comes out completely changed on the other side, someone who has learned and takes the audience on a journey with them

    Drew : perfect example: Edward Norton - American History X

    Kelly : something that people can relate to, that would be a great role.

    Jaimee : What do you like to do for fun, Drew? What are your other passions? besides what we know from your bio?

    Drew : I love reading

    Drew : I am reading this amazing book right now called "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey

    Drew : I go to the movies almost everyday

    Drew : I run 3.5 miles every morning

    Drew : and I love being with friends

    Jim : Next question by Robert

    Robert : hey, how has DrewFullerFan.Com, DrewFullerForum.Com and now DrewFuller Chat changed your perspective regarding your fanbase?

    Drew : It gave me perspective, I had no idea this many people liked what I was doing or had an opinion about my facial hair :)


    Kelly : Mr. Scruffy has been tossed around. tell them the good news yup!

    Kelly : haha

    Drew : but will be grown back by tomorrow :)

    Kelly : Carrie asks: What has been your strangest fan encounter?

    Drew : I have been very fortunate - I have had no strange encountes - my fans are awesome

    Kelly : that's good to hear!

    Kelly : Christy asks: Do you consider yourself an approachable person?

    Drew : Of course - very!

    Kelly : Vera asks: How did you feel when you were approached by a fan for the first time?

    Drew : I was shocked and probably more nervous than the fan

    Jim : Next question by Carmi

    Drew : it was a boy named Zev in San Francisco

    Kelly : do you remember what happened?

    Kelly : how did he react?

    Drew : I still have the pen I signed the autograph with

    Drew : he was excited

    Drew : and he took me to meet his family, I was at restaurant

    Kelly : i bet! i think i speak for everyone that we would all be.

    Kelly : carmi is up on deck!

    Drew : thank you - that's a very nice thing to say

    Carmi : Hi Drew :D.It is said that everyone has an alter ego. What is your alter ego like, if you had to describe him?

    Drew : angry and frustrated

    Drew : when I am not working

    Drew : but it doesn't last for very long

    Kelly : we all have our moments and stressing out happens to the best of us.

    Kelly : Heather asks: Reading books is listed on the DFF site as one of your interests. What was the last book you read all the way through? Did you enjoy it? Do you ever stop reading a book before you finish it?

    Drew : No, I never stop reading a book before I finish it

    Drew : The last book I read was the "Rule Of Four" by Dustin Thomason and Ian Caldwell

    Kelly : reading a good book gets so addicting doesn't it? it's hard to think about anything else.

    Kelly : on that note, the other type of entertainment.

    Kelly : Yora asks: What cartoons do you like to watch?

    Drew : I don't really watch tv but when I do, the Simpsons is always good for a laugh

    Drew : Shrek 2 was brilliant by the way!

    Kelly : i heard that's done very good in the box office. a movie everyone can enjoy.

    Kelly : Rinoa asks: Do you play any video games? If so, which games are your favorites?

    Drew : Of course - I am addicted to X box, splinter cell is my game along with Topspin Tennis

    Kelly : tori is on deck next!

    Drew : how is everyone holding up?

    Kelly : i stole that from ryan seacrest. *wink*

    Tori : hey man! You have excellent taste in directors and now the obsessed filmbuff inside of me has to know, what are some of your favourite movies?

    Drew : True Romance, City of God, Fight Club, Ferris Beullar's Day Off

    Drew : . .

    Drew : the original Star Wars, and American History X to name a few

    Drew : I could answer that question for an hour

    Kelly : ferris bueller is a classic....

    Kelly : *laughs* definitely.

    Kelly : moving forward now.... or back in time actually... ;)

    Kelly : Lisa asks: If you could travel back in time to any year or place, where would you go?

    Drew : James Dean, Back to the Future type of thing for a week

    Kelly : Carmina asks: If you had to, or would like to learn a new language, which one would it be?

    Drew : Francais!

    Kelly : are you fluent? or want to learn it?

    Drew : I want to learn

    Kelly : so, this brings up the following question...

    Kelly : Mesha asks: Would you ever go on a trip around the world? If so, where would you go?

    Drew : Yes- I am dying to go to Scotland, Ireland, Australia and Spain

    Kelly : have you been to any other countries so far during your life?

    Drew : Canada, Mexico, England, France, and Italy

    Kelly : very exciting! Australia and Belgium is next on my list.

    Kelly : now we are on to the most famous question that everyone is dying to know.

    Kelly : Claudia asks: Are you going to be back next season on Charmed?

    Kelly : you know it was coming.... ;)

    Jim : and there it was...

    Drew : Unfortunately, due to the fact that I gave my word to keep it a secret until the season premiere, I cannot answer that question :)

    Drew : I am so sorry

    Kelly : of course! we know it's meant to be a surprise. ;)

    Kelly : maria is on deck now!

    Maria : Hi! What do you like most about your Charmed character Chris Perry, and why?

    Drew : that he is mischevious and he is always starting trouble

    Kelly : i think in the very end we finally figured why he did the things he did.

    Drew : good!

    Kelly : definitely one of the most interesting characters Charmed has ever brought onto the show!

    Kelly : Barb asks: Chris appeared to be Charmed's "piñata." How many times did you go home with bumps and/or bruises?

    Drew : I went home many times with bruises but the action scenes were sometimes the most fun

    Kelly : did you like to do lots of the stunts on your own?

    Drew : I did 98% of my own stunts - it is so much fun

    Kelly : yes, the action scenes with you and brian krause were nicely done.

    Kelly : moving on, tammy on deck now!

    Tammy : Hi Drew. For starters I am a huge fan like everyone else here. What was the strangest or most akward thing/scene that you ever had to do on Charmed and what was your favorite scene to do?

    Drew : the most awkward, the scene that sticks out as the worst in my mind was the scene with Gith in a cave and it was so uninspiring and miserable

    Drew : my favorites were any scenes where I was connecting with someone else specifically guest stars like my grandpa and holly - all scenes in the spider demon

    Kelly : spin city is definitely one of our favorites!

    Kelly : Faith asks: Are the clothes that you wore on Charmed chosen by wardrobe, or did you get to choose them?

    (Fortsetzung folgt...)
  7. Pasiphae

    Pasiphae New Member

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    12 Mai 2003
    Jim : your reaction to the waiter in the restaurant is legendary

    Kelly : oh yes, one of our favorite quotes

    Kelly : what's that. meat? anyway, on to the next question! :)

    Drew : wardrobe and I became very close very quickly because they knew I had so much passion for fashion

    Drew : so I worked hand in hand with them in picking my clothes that I would wear normally for the most part

    Drew : for the most part

    Kelly : lots of us love those blue shoes you wore.

    Kelly : gotta throw that out there.

    Jim : in Witchstock yes

    Morgelyn : Hi Drew. As 'the next generation of Halliwell magic', if you and Wes Ramsey were offered the chance to take over from the girls as the main characters on Charmed, would you like to, and would you be interested in getting into the production side like Alyssa and Holly have?

    Drew : absolutely!

    Drew : the problem with staying on a show like Charmed is you have a tendency to get type - cast and pigeonhold which is against everything I want out of character

    Kelly : that's understandable, a variety of different roles allows you to grow even more as an actor.

    Drew : exactly

    Kelly : so, on to a more comedic note.

    Kelly : Pierson asks: What song gets you dancing in the car?

    Drew : a lot of hip hop

    Drew : and 80's pop

    Kelly : what's in your cd player right this moment?

    Drew : Pink Floyd, Air, Flaming Lips, Jay Z

    Kelly : katie is up on deck next!

    Katie : Hey Drew! What is a normal day on the set of charmed like in terms of things that happen and being with the rest of the shows amazing cast? It looks like it would be so much fun and looks like you guys are all very comfortable around each other!

    Drew : you get there 6 am, everyone except Alyssa is a tad bit grumpy including me, have breakfast, get make- up and hair done, go to rehearsal

    Drew : go back to your trailer change and wait for shooting to begin

    Kelly : how long is a typical day of filming?

    Drew : once we are on set anything can happen, sometimes it is serious and sometimes it is fun, but it is life

    Drew : we laugh a ton

    Kelly : it makes the day fly by when you're having fun with it.

    Drew : it really does

    Kelly : it must be exciting to work with such an amazing group.

    Kelly : Abby was sadly unable to attend the chat, but we have offered to ask a question on her behalf.

    Drew : ok

    Kelly : Abby asks: What sort of television shows do you like to watch? Would the Charmed storylines interest you if you were flipping through stations?

    Kelly : we bring up tv again, i apologize!

    Kelly : i know you'd rather be reading a good book ;)

    Drew : my favorite show on tv is nip/tuck followed by sopranos, the office and curb your enthusiasm, and the OC

    Drew : no, I love TV!

    Drew : especially those shows

    Kelly : lots of us love the o.c!

    Jim : including you :)

    Kelly : do you think you'll ever make another appearance as 'norland' on the o.c?

    Drew : I doubt it

    Kelly : Melissa asks: Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

    Drew : if I go back, I will go back as another character because no one will remember me as Nordland

    Drew : I doubt it

    Kelly : Melissa asks: Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

    Drew : if I go back, I will go back as another character because no one will remember me as Nordland

    Kelly : i don't think anyone caught your name either except maybe a few of us anyway.

    Drew : ya

    Kelly : Melissa asks: Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

    Drew : See above!

    Kelly : of course! sorry about the repeats ;)

    Kelly : we all watched you kick some butt on black sash....

    Kelly : Annabelle asks: Do you do any martial arts? If you do, what kind?

    Drew : No, not at all. I do pray and meditate, which is a big part of martial arts.

    Kelly : ashley is up next.

    Ashley : Hey Drew! I was wondering what type of movie would you like to do comedy, drama, action or another kind?

    Drew : I want to do it all, I really do. They all keep me stimulated. I've done drama; I would love to do comedy and a "period piece." As long as I keep myself guessing, and everyone else, I'm happy.

    Kelly : any plan on doing any additional music videos?

    Drew : Definitely not. That was a transition for me until I did film and TV.

    Kelly : Vera asks: Do you like browsing/surfing through the internet, or are you the kind of person who just goes online when absolutely necessary? Are you a fan of high technology in general?

    Drew : I'm on the internet at least an hour every day. I love technology; I keep my eye out for anything that's new and interesting.

    Jim : is your interest Mac-related?

    Jim : or general?

    Drew : Mac-related, for sure.

    Jim : how very nice :)

    Kelly : what are some of your favorite web sites?

    Drew : Drudge Report is a must. Followed by ESPN, IMDB, WireImage, and of course DFF.com! For all my latest soccer info, I go to Beckham Magazine.com

    Kelly : how sweet. :D

    Kelly : yup imdb.com is a must. lots of great info.

    Jim : indeed, I agree

    Jim : any particular pages on the IMDb?

    Drew : Not really. Whatever movie I'm obssessed with at any given moment. I'll read about everything. It's a very well-rounded site. It's the industry favorite and a good thing to check everyday.

    Jim : and your own page I presume

    Jim : haha never mind me

    Kelly : it's nice to be linked their on your page as well.

    Jim : Sarah-Jane is up next

    Kelly : Sarah asks: Who is the person in your life who has influenced you personally the most, and how?

    Kelly : i aplogize!

    Kelly : sarah, please ask drew your question :D

    Drew : My mom. She always keeps me grounded, but never once questioned my dream. She has always been so supportive during the good times and the bad.

    Drew : The other person is my manager because she is a ROCK and believed in me from day one.

    Drew : She started my career.

    Sarah-Jane : Hi Drew wise one, seeing it as it is today what piece of advice would you give to the world?

    Drew : Honestly: Recycle; Stop fighting; Easier said than done because we are dealing with age-old issues. But people don't realize the beautiful gift we

    Drew : we have been given.

    Kelly : great answer.

    Jim : indeed

    Kelly : couldn't have said it better. :D

    Jim : one of the remarks in the other room: Paola: he is form outer space he is so perfect

    Jim : they really appreciate you

    Kelly : holding in there drew? we're coming down to the final questions!

    Drew : Thank you! I'm doing well!

    Kelly : you're doing such a great job! this means so much to us.

    Kelly : on a lighter note....

    Kelly : Issi asks: What was your worst and/or best subject in high school?

    Drew : History was my best. Math was my absolute worst!

    Kelly : i'm there with ya... math is definitely evil!

    Jim : well i'm sure you're not the only one here with that

    (Fortsetzung folgt...)
  8. Pasiphae

    Pasiphae New Member

    Registriert seit:
    12 Mai 2003
    Jim : another great remark from the other chat: Stace: Drew is inspiring and intelligent and completely amazing, i think we are falling in love with him all over again *smiles*

    Jim : what do you think ?

    Drew : I love connecting with all of you on this level.

    Kelly : stace created the page in the fanbook that hard the beautiful drawings. she did a great job!

    Kelly : how far along are you in reading the fanbook?

    Drew : My review of it is ongoing. I go back and forth reading and re-reading.

    Kelly : it'll take you quite some time, it got quite heavy!

    Drew : There are some amazing artists in there.

    Jim : there sure are

    Kelly : again, i want to thank your mom for helping me get it to you safely. she's definitely a sweetie.

    Kelly : Tori asks: Do you have any other nationalities in your blood?

    Drew : I'm Scottish, Russian and English.

    Kelly : stace is up on deck next!

    Stace : Hey Drew (and sexy Mr Mole of course!) OK, if disaster struck and you could only save 3 items from your home, what would they be?

    Drew : I'm thinking here. . . First and foremost is a childhood present I've had with me forever. Next would be my computer. Followed by my grand piano.

    Jim : Stace here actually created a group on the Forum for your mole, so that all the people who love it too could join and chat about it

    Kelly : *laughs* we went there already

    Kelly : i stole that line from you drew.... ;)

    Jim : indeed we did

    Jim : which is a very good line for that matter :)

    Tara : Drew, what is your childhood present if i may ask?

    Drew : I can't answer that. Sorry.

    Kelly : we understand.

    Tara : ok, no problem

    Jim : no problem

    Kelly : so, do you play any other musical instruments besides piano?

    Drew : No, unfortunately.

    Kelly : we're down to 5 more questions!

    Kelly : you ready?

    Drew : Bring it on.

    Kelly : Michikooy asks: What are the characteristics of your dream girl?

    Drew : Loving, feisty, humorous, spontaneous, beautiful in every way.

    Kelly : lovely answer! :D

    Kelly : heather has the floor next!

    Heather : Hi Drew. Here's a question you probably don't get too often. :) Would you ever like to have children? I'm not asking any who or when questions, but being a mom, I wonder if you ever see yourself as a father?

    Drew : Absolutely. I can't wait for children. Maybe 3 would be nice.

    Kelly : Claudia asks: Do you wear contacts? At times your eyes seem green, and at others, they seem blue. If you don't, what color would you wear if you did?

    Drew : I don't wear contacts. They are always green, thanks to my father!

    Kelly : thanks drew's father. :p

    Kelly : paola is up on deck next!

    Kelly : paola?

    Kelly : final notice... :)

    Jim : Kelly will ask her question

    Kelly : on behalf of paola....

    Kelly : Paola asks: You are young, good-looking, sexy and famous. How do you do to keep your feet on the ground and how important is fame for you?

    Jim : Sorry for the repeat

    Jim : Next question

    Kelly : oopsie!

    Kelly : Sandy asks: How are you dealing with all you new found popularity? Is it all you really wanted?

    Drew : That's such a tough question to answer. I'm ecstatic that people are responding to me as an actor, but I'm not letting it go to my head. It's icing on the cake.

    Kelly : it is tough. we're so proud of what you have accomplished and what you will accomplish.

    Kelly : we're here for you!

    Jim : There is a user here (simonetto) who would like to thank you, because you helped him get through his diabetes. He was the boy with the Music Video submission in the Fanbook. I am relaying this to you on his behalf.

    Drew : One of the great added benefits of being in this business is that sometimes you get to touch people in a very real way and inspire hope. That has to be the best part.

    Kelly : That's it folks! Again, I would like to thank Drew Fuller for stopping by and chatting with us, and for all the fans who attended! Any closing comments Drew?

    Kelly : i hate to say this but.....

    Drew : I want to thank you all so much for making my job really, truly worth it. To be able to connect with so many people is fantastic. A huge thank you to Kelly and Jim for setting this up.

    Jim : People are going frantic in the other room, the comments mostly extend to this for example:

    Jim : We love you Drew! We promise to kidnap you at some point lol

    Jim : Thank you Drew for coming here today!

    Kelly : thanks to you drew! this would not have been possible without you.

    Drew : bye

    Kelly : i want to thank you for involving yourself with the DFF.com site.

    Drew : :)

    Kelly : Thanks again Drew! On behalf of Drew Fuller Fan.com, we look forward to talking to you again in the near future and will continue to support you wherever your acting career may lead you!

    Jim : The Philippines say hello to you too!
  9. spikigirly

    spikigirly Guest

    Könnte das jemand BITTE übersetzen wenn nichts ausmacht? ich verstehe leider nichts.
  10. PiperLoveLeo

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    7 November 2003
    Ich hatte auch eine Frage gestellt :D finde sie jetzt nur nicht (wenn sie dabei ist)
    @spikigirly ich übersetze es morgen jetzt hab cih keine Zeit.
  11. PiperLoveLeo

    PiperLoveLeo Well-Known Member

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    7 November 2003

    Kelly: Jayne fragte: Wolltest du immer schauspielern? Wenn nicht, was war dein kindheitstraum für die Zukunft?

    Drew: 54321

    Drew: Als ich ein Kind war, war alles was ich wollte im Mittelpunkt stehen.

    Drew: Ich würde mich immer erinnern, wenn ich einen Film sehen würde und sagen würde: " Oh das will ich tun."

    Drew: nicht schauspilern, aber die Person die sie wirklich schilderten.

    Josie: Hallo Drew

    Josie: Josie fragte: Wenn ich groß bin möchte ich schauspieler/in werden, udn so sein wie du, was für einen Rat würdest du mir und anderen Schauspielern/innen (die es werden wollen) geben?

    Drew: Viele fangen in jungen Jahren an (oder so ähnlich :D)

    Drew: sie haben starkes Selbstvertrauen, weil sie oft zurück gewiesen werden.

    Drew: Sie hören tausend mal "Nein" bevor sie ein "Ja" hören.

    Kelly: Und du bist der lebende Beweis, was die Arbeit bringt, wenn man nicht aufgibt.

    Drew: Wenn man neugirig ist, übt man es mit dem ganzen Herzen (hä?)

    Drew: Danke

    Kelly: Gerngeschehen

    Kelly: nächste Frage

    Kelly: Barb fragte: Was war das erste, dass du dir mit deinem ersten Gehaltsscheck als Schauspieler gekauft hast?

    Drew: Das erste was ich gekauft hab, war ein Plasma Fernseher, der an meiner Wand hängt.

    Drew: :)

    Kelly: Ich bin so neidisch! (schleimerin)

    Kelly: Die nächste Frage wird dir Sandra stellen

    Drew: Haha

    Drew: Hello Sandra!

    Sandra: Sandra fragte: Wer hat dich dazu inspiriert Schauspieler zu werden. Und warum?

    Drew: Eine große Anzahl von SAchauspielern spornte mich dazu an: Ed Norton, Daniel Day Lewis, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Kate Blanchette

    Kelly: Sie alle haben einzigartige Qualitäten und Talente. Ist ist eine tolle Liste einzelner Personen (?)

    Kelly: nächste Frage

    Kelly: Tori fragte: Du hast in einem Interview gesagt, dass du es liebst mit bestimmte4n schauspielern zu arbeiten, mit welchen?

    Drew: David Fincher, Tony Scott, Jim Sheridan, Brian Singer

    Kelly: Danke Drew!

    Drew: Christopher Nolan

    Drew: Michel Gondry

    Jim: Helie fragte: Viele deiner Projekte haben die selben Themen (beispiel: vampiere/zauberkraft). Wählst du diese Rollen weil sie dich interessieren?

    Drew: Luc Besson und Daryn Arronofsky

    Drew: Sorry diese Frage regte mich wirklich an (ähä)

    Drew: Ja- ein Beruf

    Drew: Jetzt mal ernst, ich stimme damit überein

    Drew: Insgesamt werde ich aber von den Sachen angezogen, die mich herausfordern.

    So muss jetzt leider weg den Rest übersetz ich nachher ;)
  12. Cleopatra

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    15 Mai 2004
    Your Welcome heißt Gerngeschehen! Danke an Pasiphae fürs posten und an PiperLoveLeo für's übersetzen. Gehts noch weiter?
  13. PiperLoveLeo

    PiperLoveLeo Well-Known Member

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    7 November 2003
    ja geht noch weiter ;) ach danke für das mit dem welcome werde ich verbessern ;)

    Stephanie: Hast du dich irgendwie verändert vom ersten Tag am Charmed set bis zum Finale (den anfang versthe ich nicht so)

    Drew: Vertrauen, Entspannung - ein bisschen Frieden. Meine Schauspielerei hat durch Sprünge und Grenzen - durch reale Momente verbessert. (der war auch net so der satz...)

    Kelly: Robert fragte: In dem Aspekt, in dem du Hollywood kennengelernt hast, lehnst du die meisten ab? (da ist wohl gemeint, wie er er die anderen schauspieler, die versuchen berühmt zu werden findet?)

    Drew: Alle tun das, was in ihrer Kraft steht um an die Spitze zu kommen, ich weiß nicht was...

    Drew: (versteh ich nicht, vll das sie lügen k.a.)

    Kelly: Agnes fragt: Hast du irgendeine schlechte Erfahrung gemacht beim drehen von filmen?

    Drew: Ja...

    Drew: Ich errinnere mich, als wir "Close Call" drehten, sie waren so nicht-organiesiert. Alle liefen herum wie Hühner mit abgeschnittenen Köpfen (rofl)

    Drew: Es gab keine Anhänger, keinen Aufenthaltsraum für die Schauspieler, es war ein geschlossener Raum, wo überall Abfall lag.

    Paola: Hi Drew

    Paola: Paola fragt: Du bist jung, siehst gut aus, bist sexy und berühmt. Was tust du um mit den Füßen auf dem Boden zu bleiben? Wie wichtig ist es für dich berühmt zu sein?

    Drew: Sie gaben uns 5$ für Nahrungsmittel

    Drew: Meine Familie und meine Freunde halten mich m boden, und meine mami (*gg*) erinnert mcih immer daran das ich nicht arbeite.

    Drew: Wie wichtig es ist berühmt zu sein? - gefriert auf dem Kuchen (tolle redewendung ;)). Wenn ich am ende des Tages gute Arbeit erledigt habe, ist die einzige sache, dass es ein großes Lächeln in mein gesicht bringt.

    Kelly: Eine großartige Antwort Drew! (watt für ne schleimerin...)

    Kelly: nächste Frage

    Jim: Talya fragt: Hattets du jemals ein normales Jugendleben, als du anfingst zu modeln? Oder änderte es sich vollständig?

    Drew: Nein nichts at sich wirklich verändert, weil es mich hielt.

    Drew: Ich bin nicht rumgelaufen und habe den Leuten erzählt was ich mache.

    Jim: nächste

    Jim: Erin fragt: Hast du dir jemals einen alten Film oder eine Tv-serie wie charmed angeguckt und gedacht: "Wow es war eine tolle Zeit da" oder "Das hätte ich besser machen können."

    Drew: Normaler weise gucke, ich mir keine alten filme an, weil ich immer denke, das ich es besser machen könnte.

    Kelly: Du weißt was sie sagen, jeder ist einem selbst der schlechteste Kritiker.

    Jim: Nächste Frage von Kristina

    Jim: Kristina fragt: Wie ist es wenn man als "die nächste GROSSE Sache" gekennzeichnet wird? Und wie ist es wenn Fotografen deine Fotos nehmen? (?)

    Drew: Die Fotographen die meine Fotos nehmen sind geisteskrank und lächerlich (netter Drew!)

    Drew: Und respekt, die "nächste große sache" ich würde garnicht wissen, wo ich anfangen sollte diese Frage zu beantworten.

    Drew: Überraschend, wenn es tatsächlich zutrifft

    Kelly: Wir gucken nach vorne, und gucken was als nächstes kommen wird.

    Jim: Christy fragt: Wie fürhlst du dich, wenn du weißt, das du jugendliche Fans hast, und welche -die wie ich- schon über 30 sind.

    Drew: Hello Christy

    Drew: Es ist großartig...ich bin froh das ich über alle altersklassen bekannt bin

    Kelly: Wir sind durchaus eine große Fangemeinde, das ist sicher!

    Drew: In der Lage zu sein, so viele Menschen in verschiedenen Stadien des Lebsens (ende verstehe ich nicht)

    Drew: Danke

    1. ich weiß die übersetzung ist nicht gut...
    2. wenn ihr wollte übersetz ich weiter
    3. Diese Kelly ist vll ne schleimerin (nur mal so am rande...)
  14. spikigirly

    spikigirly Guest

  15. Lorelay

    Lorelay Guest

    Also ich denke das Chris gut war, er wollte die Zukunft ändern und ich denke das hat er geschaft. Wyatt wurde nicht zum bösen bekehrt und Leo weiß, dass er sich mehr um seinen Sohn kümmern sollte.
    Ob Piper immernoch stirbt wenn Chris jung ist wird sich zeigen.

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