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Interview mit Rose


Rose McGowan

Hi Leute!
Ich habe gerade ein wenig auf "thewb" gesurft und habe ein witziges Interview von Rose gefunden. Lest es euch durch, es warten einiger erstaunlich Sachen auf euch. ;-)


'Bug is very weird, really weird. '

Just how quirky and bizarre is Rose McGowan? Check out the way she Fills In The Blanks with The WB. You won't be sorry.

I am completely obsessed with:
Bug, my dog. I could watch her all day long. It's quite unnatural. Poor Fester, that's my other dog - he doesn't get nearly the same amount of attention. Bug is very weird, really weird. She can mimic the way I cry. I would like to cryogenically freeze her when that time comes. For now, I will stay up until 2 in the morning putting wigs on her. I tuck the wigs under her collar so it looks like she has a mullet.

My current pet peeve is:
People who are obsessed with their dogs. It is so boring!

The three words that best describe me are:
Tenacious, warm, and - rats, I can only use three? Okay, then, quick.

I hope I am remembered for:
Being tenacious, warm and quick.

I never leave home without my:
Log. Actually it's my bag, but my friends all call it "the log." It's this green Louis Vuitton bag. The first night the show aired, I used the log in one of my scenes and instead of getting congratulatory calls from friends about the performance, I got calls about the log.

People would be shocked to discover that I am:
A big klutz. I am always tripping, falling up stairs, getting my hand stuck in car doors - it's pretty constant. My body is always moving and oftentimes my brain is left behind.

When I die I want:
To be buried under a tree.

Liebe Grüße, Cathy