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Im Forum von Alyssa's website wurde dieser Test geposted.Leider in Englisch.Ich werde versuchen,alles zu übersetzen.So schnell wie möglich.
Also,hier der Post:

|This was translated from an Italian website, so please excuse the grammar or the spelling mistakes, if any ...
It is valid for women but also for men, since it analyzes exclusively the characteristical side of the three characters.

Which witch are you? Prue, Piper or Phoebe?
Discover the " Halliwell " character who is in you!

How to do the test?
Mark on a sheet the letter correspondent to your answer to the 12 questions that follow, after counted the obtained letter number (example: 4 A, 7 B, 1 C) and verify in the appropriate field of the response the outcome of your test reading the indicated profile.

The 12 questions:
Question 1: When you face a problem, and you have to overcome it, what do you do?
A – You face it without thinking too much, you have the certainty to overcome any obstacle.
B – You think it over and you try to find the best solution, more adapted to your characteristics.
C – You try to see the positive side, in order to face the problem in the best way possible, like this you avoid to get depressed.

Question 2: You prefer a job:
A - That allows you to often express all your values and all your abilities, putting you in competition with the others.
B - That allows you to satisfy all your creativity, but that also leaves space to yourself.
C - That doesn’t engage you too much, you prefer to dedicate more time to your personal activities.

Question 3: Which type of film you prefer?
A - The adventure and action films, for sure.
B - Romantic and drama.
C – Comedies.

Question 4: How are you with your friends?
A – You like to decide and to point out your way of thinking, you especially like to be in control of the situation.
B - You adapt to the persons you meet, and you often know to find a just equilibrium between you and the others, even if sometimes you isolate yourself a bit.
C – You always try to revive the situation, where you are there is joy, everybody loves you and everybody is looking for you. But sometimes you exaggerate.

Question 5: When you are with your partner how do you behave?
A - You like to have his/her full attention and you like to be a bit the pray and a bit the hunter, you’re an intriguing person.
B – You try to look for situations in which you can let yourself go, freeing your deepest feelings.
C – You are a very lively person, your relationship is always like a tornado, you never stop. You’re very passionate.

Question 6: In which place would you prefer to be and what would you do?
A - You would prefer to be in a city, with all its spaces, crowded and silent, in order to always control everything.
B - You would like to be in an uncontaminated place, savoring the energy of the world, at least with the person you love.
C - You would like to be in a very crowded place, full of persons and music, in order to dance and know new people.

Question 7: How would you define your person?
A – You think you are a person who has control of his/her own actions, and you are confident you can face the life’s problems.
B - You define yourself like a very profound person, you’re always in harmony with the world around you, you like to be in peace with everybody.
C - You define yourself like a lively person, which has many friends, and which exceeds the difficulties with a smile.

Question 8: Which type of person angers you the most?
A - The persons that want to get results by taking advantage of the other people's abilities in a dishonest and false way.
B - Those persons who do not leave live in peace, that insinuate themselves in your life and pretend to have the right to decide it.
C - Those very selfish and unpleasant persons, that are capable of ruining even your most wonderful day.

Question 9: The characteristics that attract you most between these three groups:
A - Force, power and decision.
B - Sweetness, creativity and precision.
C - Liveliness, movement and energy.

Question 10: Some defects that you see in you:
A – You try too much to be rational in some situations, and you complicate your life because you avoid to follow your instincts.
B - Sometimes you let yourself out of your state of mind, and you treat the persons around you quite badly.
C - You trust too much the one close to you and you often had false friendships that have made you to suffer.

Question 11: How do you like to dress?
A – You’re always fashionable, you follow every tendency and you like to have the full attention.
B - You do not follow particular tendencies, but you have much taste in choosing the dresses and the colors, often sober.
C – You like to create your own fashion, you prefer very lively colors and also the comfortable dresses.

Question 12: When you are doing something:
A - You know to take your time in order to succeed in your task, you are aware of your limits and you try not to exceed them.
B – You’re capable not to sleep in order to finish it, for you precision is absolutely vital, you’re almost maniacal.
C - You take several pauses to relax a bit, but you try to be a bit unsteady in your engagements.

Please answer as sincerely as possible.|

Und die Ergebnisse:


Profile 1 - Majority of answers (at least two more than the others) A: You are like Prue Halliwell
You’re a very determined and confident person, instinctive and impulsive, you try to control the world around you and to control the unexpected. You know what you want and often you get it, but try not to neglect some aspects that could carry you to excessive anger at the job and also to the separation from the affective sphere. You control your relationship with the others.

Profile 2 - Majority of answers (at least two more than the others) B: You are like Piper Halliwell
You’re a very sensitive person and you love all that is emotion, try to find in life the precision and the knowledge that are similar to your own. But try not to create a world only for you, because you run the risk to have disappointments in life, than often doesn’t give what we wish, and takes what we have. Look better into yourself, in the inside of you.

Profile 3 - Majority of answers (at least two more than the others) C: You are like Phoebe Halliwell
You’re a very solar and lively person, the joy and the liveliness are characteristics that influence you and that are close to you, and because of this, you create many friendships and sympathies. But obviously there’s also a negative side, and false and mean persons could take advantage of your friendship and of your love. Be careful of who you have around you.

Profile 4 - The A and B answers prevail equally (or with a difference of one answer): You’re a bit Prue and a bit Piper Halliwell
Fundamentally, you’re a determined and impulsive person but also a sensitive and very prudent one, you often need to fight with two very various sides of your character. You do not succeed to find a precise equilibrium and sometimes you understand that some problems could create complications, in fact you often expect too much from yourself. Look in yourself for peace.

Profile 5 - The B and C answers prevail equally (or with a difference of one answer) : You’re a bit Piper and a bit Phoebe Halliwell
You’re a very positive, sweet person and also likeable one. You’re the most calm and generous person there is and your character is loved a lot by the others, you’re a creative person and also a bit out of your mind. But also you have fears and insecurities, and some persons could take advantage of them. Don’t be too available, not everybody can be your true friend.

Profile 6 - Answers A and C prevail equally (or with a difference of one answer) : You’re a bit Phoebe and a bit Prue Halliwell
You have the characteristics of a succeeding person, with your force and determination nobody can stop you if you really want to reach your goal. You know how to make an impression on people but you have the deficiency of being too superficial in your choices, and this makes you vulnerable. Be careful not to dare too much.

Profile 7 - The answers are equally shared between A, B and C : You’re a bit Prue, a bit Piper and a bit Phoebe Halliwell
All of them and nobody. It is said that you’re a complete person, you have many interests and the fact that no characteristical typology emerges in particular, it demonstrates that you’re a person who knows to adapt itself to the most various situations, obviously thanks to the features deriving from the three analyzed characteristical typologies. But also be careful of the flaws of the three Halliwells.

Viel Spass!

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Jaa,ich mach mich heute abend an die Arbeit.
Aber ich weiß nicht,wie lnge ich brauch.Ich muss erst mal mein Wörterbuch finden;)
Aber spätestens Freitag ist es fertig.
So ein Test ist ja wirklich mal eine witzige Idee, was sich einige Leute doch alles einfallen lassen, um uns Fans glücklich zu machen!
Sorry,hab' mich vertan(eigentlich war meine Not-übersetzung,ähmm,ziemlich falsch)
Also ich bin nicht Typ 3,sondern Typ 5,also 'ne Mischung aus Piper und Phoebe.

Und mit der Übersetzung bin ich jetzt bei...Frage 5.

(Geändert von AlyssaMilano um 6:48 pm am Jan. 9, 2002)
Ich kenn auch nen Test aus der Girl:
Welche hexe steckt in dir ??
1. &nbsp;Nach dem ersten Date löst sich dein Schwarm plötzlich in Luft auf und meldet sich nicht mehr bei dir. Wie reagierst du ??
@ Du bist total am Boden zerstört, unternimmst aber nichts.
^^ Du versuchst den Grund für die plötzliche
Funkstille herauszufinden.
+ Beim Date mit einem anderen Boy vergisst du die Sache ganz schnell.

2. &nbsp;Du machst einen Shopping- Bummel. Für welches Outfit entscheidest du dich ??
^^ Für ein mega auffälliges Teil, bei dem die Jungs ganz schön ins Schwitzen kommen.
+ Für Jeans und T-Shirt.
@ Für ein romantisches Kleid mit &nbsp;Blümchenmuster.

3.Was ist deine Masche um einen Typen zu verzaubern
@ Du schreibst ihm eine süße Lovemessage.
^^ Du bist einfach nur du selbst
+ Du flirtest was das Zeug hält.

4. &nbsp;Welche Augenfarbe sollte dein Traumtyp haben?
@ ´Braun
^^ Blau
+ Grün

5. &nbsp;Du bist so richtig happy, wenn du
+ erfolgreich bist.
^^ mit deiner Clique abhängst
@ mit deinem Freund zusammen bist.
6. &nbsp;Du willst in deinem Zimmer eine Kerze aufstellen,
weil deren Flamme magische Fähigkeiten besitzt.
Welche Farbe müsste die Kerze deiner Meinung nach haben ?
@ Pastell
^^ Rot
+ Schwarz

7. &nbsp;Welche magische Zauberkräfte würdest du gerne haben ?
@ Mit einem Fingerschnippen die Zeit anhalten
+ In die Zukunft sehen zu können
^^ An verschiedenen Orten gleichzeitig sein zu können

8. &nbsp;Auf welchen Typ von Jungen fährst du total ab ?
@ Den romantischen Traumprinzen
^^ Den netten Kumpel
+ Den leidenschaftlichen Lover

9. &nbsp;Was machst du wenn dich jemand bewusst provozieren will
@ Du bist verletzt und ziehst dich schmollend zurück
^^ Du hast keine Lust auf einen Fight und lässt dich null aus der Fassung bringen
+ Du fährst deine Krallen aus.

10. &nbsp;Du hast eine magische Verbindung zu einem Tier. Welches Tier wäre das ??
@ Pferd
+ Schlange
^^ Adler

^^ Piper

Sensibel und natürlich.
Du verzauberst die Jungs mit deiner natürlichen Art.<
@PhoebeatCharmed1988: Äh..Du hast da jetzt zum Schluß nur was von &nbsp;
&quot;^^Piper Sensibel und natürlich.
Du verzauberst die Jungen mit deiner natürlichen Art.&quot;

Aber was ist denn mit den beiden anderen Zeichen?Also '@ und +' ?Was haben denn die denn bei der Mehrheit zu bedeuten?

Oh des hat wohl nicht mehr hingepasst.
Ich hab des nur mit stg v und c und so gemacht werd mich drum kümmern.
Auf jeden Fall ist Phoebe @ und Prue +
der rest kommt dann
hier die antworten:
^^ Piper

Sensibel und natürlich.
Du verzauberst die Jungs mit deiner natürlichen Art.
Aber du kannst dich nur schwer entscheiden, wem du dein Herz schenken sollst. Das ist für die Boys ganz schön stressig.
Vorsicht: Lässt du sie zu lange zappeln, verlieren sie vielleicht die Lust,
und du erlebst nur im Traum die große Liebe.

@ Phoebe

Süß und romantisch.
Ein verträumtes Liebesnest und dazu ein süßer Kuscheltyp-das wünscht du dir. Du bist megatreu und dein Boy kann sich immer auf dich verlassen. Das schafft natürlich eine Menge Vertrauen. Kein Wunder also, dass deine Beziehungen sehr lange halten.

+ Prue

Sexy und clever.
Deine Flirtsignale hauen die Jungs reihenweise vom Hocker.
Sexy und selbstbewusst verführst du die Boys dazu, was du dir in den Kopf gesetzt hast. In Sachen Liebe gibst du vor, was passiert. Überleg dir aber, ob es nicht besser ist, deinem Schwarm ein bisschen entgegenzukommen.

Und sorry wgen vorher
Ja das für Piper passt ganz gut und für Prue auch aber für Pheebs das stimmt irgendwie nicht ganz sie hatt z.B. soweit man mitkriegt hatte sie auser Cole noch nie eine längere Beziehung. und Cole ist ja wohl auch nicht grad der 'süße Kuscheltyp' &nbsp;:biggrin:
Ja für Piper passt es ganz gut und für Prue auch aber das für Pheebs. Das passt nicht ganz ich mein soweit man mitkriegt hatte sie auser mit Cole noch nie eine lange Beziehung und Cole ist auch nicht grad der
süße Kuschltyp :biggrin: