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Tolles Posting von "SJT"



SJT hat folgenes gepostet,.Ich hab' leider(wie einige andere bestimmt auch) nicht unbedingt alles genau verstanden(so perfekt ist mein englisch ja nicht),aber trotzdem finde ich es genial!!!
(wenn ihr wollt,könnt ich versuchen,es mal zu übersetzen)
Hier der Beitrag:


<span style='color:blue'>If you want to know what life looks like through Alyssa's eyes, you don't have to look much further than this picture.

Obviously it was taken at neither the time nor place of Alyssa's choosing, by someone who had no idea what they were photographing.

Without much searching you can find many others- and perhaps enough to assemble a complete day in Alyssa's life. You can see the people that Alyssa interacts with in &quot;privacy&quot;, and how she looks when she wants to stop being stalked.

Yet this probably bothers her little compared to the fact that each of those photographs represents thousands of people who would have taken it themselves had they been in the right place at the right time.

To the world Alyssa is a sexy, famous, wealthy person who is on the edge of what is happening in Hollywood. The world will never stop seeing Alyssa as a celebrity, or if they ever do then they will stop seeing her at all. And Alyssa will never stop seeing those who see her only as a celebrity unless she stops seeing them at all.

What is not so evident is everything. The contents of Alyssa's heart cannot be expressed concisely because she is a deep, intricate, wonderful person. Nobody will ever come to know who she is unless they put forth the required time and energy. And nobody will know how she in turn loves and understands us unless they are willing to see.

Those who see Alyssa for who she is, though far fewer in number, are far more important than those who do not. They are the only ones who will remain when the fanfare of fame fades away, and the only ones who even seem to remember.

If I had been close enough to Alyssa to take that photograph, it would have been one of the happiest moments of my life. With her consent I would have given her a giant hug and big kiss, asked if I could carry her bags, and taken the opportunity walking beside her to say what I have always wanted to tell her in person- that she is loved and appreciated more than she could possibly know, to thank her for all the joy and inspiration she has brought into my life, to assure her that no matter whatever happens there is nothing to fear- that all the people who truly love her will continue to do so no matter what, and that I will hold her in my heart for the rest of my life. I don't know how I'd say goodbye because she is always as close as my heart, but I'd hope to see her again sometime before being with her forever in heaven.

So while Alyssa continues to do her own shopping, turning away from the lenses, trying to stay grounded in the perspective of life that we take for granted I hope that she knows that her efforts are appreciated, and that she is loved and understood. I hope she knows that even if her career were to end tomorrow, her body destroyed in an automobile accident, and her inspirational spirit lost amidst the stress- that she would still be loved, nothing lost that in the scheme of things would not have someday been lost anyway, and that it would be my pleasure to help her regain the perspective of inspiration that she nurtured in so many others.</span>

und wenn ihr Kommentare lesen wollt:klickt hier
:D Das Photo sieht ja wirklich lustig aus. Alyssa und die riesigen Taschen :D Aber du hast Recht,der Text ist schwer zu verstehen.
Ja, es sieht wirklich lustig aus! Alyssa wirkt so irgendwie so klein, is aber megasüß!!!
Der Text is echt schwer zu verstehen!